Thursday, January 8, 2009

Decor Elements

Well, I am looking for a little update in my crafting/stamping room. And I am thinking that the Decor Elements would be perfect to add a little touch to the walls.

I am looking for advice from you all to help me!! I am looking to paint the walls, since they are plain white right now. So we have plain white walls, rose colored carpet, and oak trim. What color do you think I should paint the walls? We have a country type decor in our home, nothing really special or unique. I am also looking at getting the white type furniture for my craft room in the future, such as the white cubes from Target. So I need something on the walls to compliment that!

Also, my crafting room happens to be right in the middle of our house at the moment. At least until the kids are old enough to move out! So our 'dining room' is my craft room. So this needs to be something that people can walk through and get to our kitchen and living room.

So I am looking for paint colors, and which of the decor elements items you think I should put up on the walls. I would love advice from you all!!!! I am so bad at decorating it isn't funny! But I love that the Decor Elements are able to be taken down once you are done with them, so it isn't a permanent thing!

Here is a link to their Decor Elements Brochure:

I look forward to all of your crafty ideas for my crafty space!! I am looking for something simple yet inspiring for me to be crafty in. I would love to see any of your craft rooms or Decor Elements Decorating also!


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Kathy W said...

I say stick with neutral- taupes, carmel but why don't you pull out your color wheel and see what goes with your carpet and furniture?