Thursday, September 6, 2007

Assembling Your Stamp Sets

I thought it would be nice to do some tutorials on here for you all to have as a reference. This week we will discuss how to assemble your stamp sets once you receive them from Stampin' Up! If anyone would like I would be more than happy to show you how to do this for the first time. You can also borrow my Craft and Rubber Scissors to see how easy it is to cut through the rubber with them!

This information can be found on the Stampin' Up Website:

Stamp Assembly

1) Trim and apply labels to the top of the wood blocks, using the copyright line at the bottom of each image as a guide for correct placement. Apply label with stamp set name to the end of the box.

2) Trim the rubber close to the images to prevent surplus rubber edges on your stamped image. Make short, straight cuts instead of curving around the design. Do not undercut the rubber to form an angle.

3) Match all trimmed rubber images to all appropriate block sizes.

4) Pull off the paper backing of the rubber and apply the sticky side to the stamp block, matching the position of the label on the opposite side. (Note: For a short time after application, the stamp may be carefully pulled up from the block for repositioning, if necessary.)


1) After trimming several sets with our Craft and Rubber Scissors, the blades can get gummy from the sticky adhesive on the rubber stamps. Use Stampin' Mist, fingernail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol to remove any residue and wipe dry with a cloth.

2) Stamps don't always have to be mounted in the center of the block. Some stampers prefer mounting their rubber along one of the edges of the block (especially alphabet and Two-Step Stampin'® sets) so they can see exactly where the image will stamp on the card stock.

3) While trimming your stamps, try saving some of the rubber scraps and mounting them on a wood block to create a 'mosaic' stamp.

4) If you find you're not satisfied with the placement of the rubber on the block, try putting the assembled stamp in the microwave for about 8 seconds, rubber side up, then peel it from the wood and reposition and remount on the block.

5) If new rubber does not take ink well (i.e., pools instead of inking evenly), try first buffing the rubber lightly with our sanding block, or try stamping a few times with VersaMark® ink.

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