Friday, April 2, 2010

More Sweet Treats!

These are the Easter treats that we made for the kid's teachers this year. I think they all came out so cute! And they were so easy to make. I just used things that I allready had in a box in my closet, such as these cute little buckets!

I made 3 for my youngest's preschool teachers. And then 4 each for my older two children. And then as they were getting ready to go out for the bus this morning, they all complained that they needed one more because they had 5 teachers to give them to! What! So I'm glad that I kept them simple and easy, because I was able to whip up a few more very quickly! I hope their teachers like them, and that they get them before the kids eat them all up!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday with your families!
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Kathy W said...

so nice and fun things, I only sent in a card