Saturday, April 18, 2009

Classy Wedding Invitations

These samples were fairly easy to make also. The one on the left uses Purely Pomegranate cardstock and the background piece was run through the Cuttlebug. It also has some basic gray cardstock. The ribbon was pulled through two hold punches in the middle of the wording.
The invitation on the right also used Purely Pomegranate cardstock, but uses black and white. And the ribbon is tied in a little different way.
I like both of these also, but my husband chose the one on the left as his favorite one, not sure why. He wasn't very helpful with the comments about them. I'm glad he let me pick out ours when we were shopping for wedding stuff! Who knows what we would have had if I let him decide! Now that I think about it, he didn't pick out harldy anything for our wedding! He did pick out the tuxes for himself and the guys, but other than that, I don't think he did much! Poor thing!
Happy Saturday!


Kathy W said...

I love seeing all your samples! Men don't know much about colors...

Jenn D said...

These are all so elegant. I really love the colors you used on them. Gorgeous samples!

Emily said...

These are so pretty! Great colors! Love the ribbon!