Friday, December 5, 2008

Sparkly Ornaments!!!

These are just the most sparkly things I have made in a long time! I was just so excited to share them with everyone that I didn't even take the time to put the tops back on them, or attach a pretty ribbon to the top. You'll just have to imagine that on there!! lol!!

These were clear ornaments that I purchased at The Dollar Tree after Christmas last year. So I actually got a package of 3 ornaments for only $.50! I got several packages!! I have just been waiting to make these. We will be giving these as gifts this year to our family, (along with some handmade lotion - more to come on that next week!).

These were very easy to make, a little messy, but lots of fun! They use Stampin' Up! Reinkers and Glitter. You can see the directions that I followed on this blog:

Hope you all are getting your holiday crafting and card making underway! Please let me know if you need help with anything!

Happy Stampin!


Kathy W said...

nice job- aren't they fun! Think next year, I will do them over the summer so I can do it outside.

*Jenni* said...

They turned out great!! What colors did you use??

Ellen aka Chipper (SCS) said...

These turned out beautiful!! Really like 'em a lot!!!!

By the way...I nominated you for "I Love Your Blog" award!!!