Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Shower Prizes

Here is one of the prizes for the games at the baby shower. It is just a simple vanilla candle that I got at the $1 store, wrapped in some retired Bali Breeze paper from Stampin' Up! And of course there is ribbon and rub-ons on there too! Tied up in a cello bag with a scallop tag with rub-ons and more ribbon. The mommy's sister won this prize, I hope she likes it!

It is a beautiful day outside today. As soon as the kids finish their school work we will be outside taking a walk!! I can't wait! I wish the weather would stay this warm forever, but I know that winter will be here soon unfortunately.

I would love the hear any advice from any other homeschooling mothers out there. We could really use some encouragement and advice. The kids seem like they are always fighting these days, and I feel like I am spending more time yelling than teaching today! And my house looks like a war zone! Between teaching the two older kids, and trying to spend time with my 3 year old, baby showers, Halloween parties, birthday parties, workshops to plan, scrapbook event to plan, craft nights, holidays coming up to plan for, craft shows to make things for, and a family trip to Florida this winter to plan, plus all the other stuff like music lessons, boy scouts, dance class, whew! I don't know whether I'm coming or going these days, and the house is showing it! I can't even see the floor in my room! Or the table in my craft room, where did that go to? How do all the other mothers keep organized and sane? Who knew being a stay-at-home mom was so hard?

Don't get me wrong, I am so totally happy to be at home and not dealing with all the other stresses that I had from working the 12 hour shifts. But I am finding new stresses, and sometimes feel like I had more time to myself when I was working full-time! My husband comes home from working all day, sees the kids for a half-hour, if that, and then tells me it's time to put them to bed because they are driving him crazy! HELLO!

Just having a rough day here today. I think I'm just tired and need to go make some more coffee! Hope you are all having a better day than me!

Happy Stampin'


Nicole said...

Love the candle - I'm sure the winner does, too! I've been giving these out as hostess thank you's and door prize gifts lately. They've been a big hit!

Emily said...

This is so cute Jen! I bet she loved it!

I don't have any advice about the homeschooling, but I wish you the best of luck! Hopefully it will get easier on you. You sound like your hands full with that and everything else going on! Hugs!

Kathy W said...

great project- and being a sahm is a fulltime job,not to mention you homeschool on top of that. I be lucky to get dinner on the table.

Marilyn said...

Jen, sometimes you just need to vent - just take a deep breath and a good cup of coffee and pat your self on the back - you are trying to be super mom, and maybe you need to back out of some of all the busyness in your life too!! I'll put you in my prayers too that things get better for you!